At Chelsea Digital we put your needs first.

Are you looking to increase sales? Improve brand recognition?  Expand your business into a new region or add new products or product lines?   Our analysis of your web & social presence, and more importantly your online performance, and how you can improve these performance metrics can be linked directly to business performance, brand value, sales, and profitability.  We work with small and mid-sized companies in all sectors except the software industry. 

We recognize each client is different, and will need a unique approach.  We know that you speak a language of sales, client growth and retention.  Share with us your challenges and goals.  We'll look at your search engine performance, social media performance, and over all web presence to see how we can partner with you to achieve your goals.

Specific work areas:

Digital Footprint - Audit and analysis

Social Media - Audit and analysis

Leverage all effective methods of digital marketing together to meet your goals:

  • Owned – SEO

  • Earned – Social Media – analysis, setup, management, optimization, especially in support of SEO

  • Paid – e.g. Google AdWords, social media ads, and other services like OutBrain, especially where relevant to boost SEO

We provide clear insights and reporting are critical to a long term partnership; we’ll provide detailed monthly readouts on all elements of the digital landscape and activity.

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