8 Tips on How to Utilize YouTube for Your Business

The Buggles may not have been talking about YouTube when they sang “Video killed the radio star,” but they might as well have been. YouTube is killing it in search; making content come alive through personable and demonstrative content. People are searching everything from how to tie a bow tie to proper texting etiquette, and video is increasingly landing on page one of Google by delivering the best content and solution to your search.

As you know, YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world. The power of YouTube’s audience is truly moving business and commerce, and is even launching new businesses by providing a true platform to demonstrate products and offerings in an engaging way and moving them up in the search engine rankings at breakneck speed.

YouTube just launched its new platform, YouTube One, this past month and if you have a YouTube channel, now is the time to optimize it. If you don’t yet have a channel, now is the time to get one more than ever. YouTube One is shifting video marketing strategies and building true audiences around channels. Your brand has the opportunity to broadcast to the 800 million monthly viewers, and a powerful video has an opportunity to get you ranked in universal search in the traditional engines.

Here are eight ways to use YouTube to get your business buzzing:

  1. Think past the press release. YouTube offers you a non-traditional platform to PR your product and find your target market. Get the word out through powerful personalization: client testimonials, how-to videos made by your employees, and enticing product demonstrations. Tell your company story through compelling video. A great B2B example of this is a video called “A Day Made of Glass” by Corning.

  2. Create personalized video pitches. Use video to reach buyers, bloggers, and other key influencers. Orabrush launched its product in Walmart nationwide simply on YouTube though personalized video pitches to key corporate buyers.

  3. The main focus of YouTube One is responsive design. YouTube is helping make your brand look good across all screens: monitor, tablet, and mobile. So it’s imperative to make the switch over to the new platform to leverage and convert more visitors into subscribers.

  4. The new Channel Trailer and Customized Cover Photo allow you to convert more visitors into subscribers by allowing you to speak directly to non-subscribers with a customized video and message. Be sure to call out when you post. Try to post regularly at a set day and time, for example, “New Video Every Wednesday and Friday at 5 p.m.”

  5. Utilize custom thumbnails to frame the most interesting or demonstrative part of your video. This way your click-through rate will be much higher. (Note: you have to monetize in order to get custom thumbnails.)

  6. InVideo Programming allows you to embed a featured video in all your videos. Choose a popular video or you may update it with a new video weekly.

  7. Engage better by not just simply answering comments, but also sharing a related video to drive commentators back to your channel. At the end of the day, YouTube is a social network so it’s important to leverage this engagement by enticing them with content-rich answers as well.

  8. Use YouTube Analytics to compare metrics and watch for peaks as well negative subscribers.

In conclusion, in the ever-changing world of video, keep innovating. Creative data-driven video is the future of search whether you’re B2B or B2C.

Author  Crispin Sheridan, SEO Thought Leader


Crispin Sheridan, SEO Thought Leader